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Become a Sponsor

The International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI) is committed to creating opportunities to foster the growth and the development of profitable commercial relationships, nationally and internationally.

We are seeking to establish new partnerships with companies and organisations who share our vision and mission to support women in business, promote good business practice and trade relations; while seeking to promote their community leadership position and own unique product/service reputation.

We offer two primary sponsorships: Principle Partner or Event Partner


Principal Partner

Principal Partnerships are offered on an annual basis. Providing extensive branding opportunities, CEO profiling, services promotion and exposure at events with complimentary table, website presence; and facilitated social networking, private meetings and introductions.

During the course of the partnership, we ensure that each partner is provided with the widest possible exposure to our targeted member base and introduced to a diverse range of business and government leaders, both locally and internationally.

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Event Partner

Our annual program of events target a broad cross section of women in business. Our guest speakers are leaders in their fields and newsmakers, facilitating debate and discussion in the news and at the highest levels.

The business women who attend our events are active and informed. They come to extend their business contacts, to identify new opportunities and to further their knowledge of international trade, business and investment issues.



Media Attendance At IWFCI Events:

The International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry welcomes media interest and attendance at events, subject to prior notification and acceptance by the IWFCI.

The Federation makes every effort to ensure media can attend and make use of information shared at the events. We are happy to provide access to splitter boxes or other AV infrastructure required where possible. If media wish to attend an event on a complimentary basis, we will provide amenities where possible, but there is no obligation on the part of the Federation to provide meals or other benefits unless a ticket is purchased in advance.

Please note that the Federation reserves the right to restrict media access to any event. If access is permitted, we reserve the right to direct the conduct of the media during the event. For example, we prefer that photos be taken within the first five minutes of the presentation and then not again until the question and answer period commences.

We reserve the right to ask media to cease any activity during an event (including requesting media to leave) if their actions are disruptive in any way. The Federation would appreciate acknowledgement in any content (such as news articles, TV or radio stories or online news) generated by the event. To be notified about events in advance, please contact the relevant Federation office below.

Media questions - It is at the discretion of the speakers to make time for media interviews before or after the event. Where possible, the Federation will assist the media to determine if speakers will be available for interviews. Please consult the relevant Federation office to facilitate any such interview ahead of time.

The Federation will enable the media to engage in the question-and-answer sessions at our events unless requested to do otherwise by the speakers.

Want To Talk To The IWFCI?

The Federations Founder and International Chairman, Diana Abruzzi, is available to speak about issues of the day, upcoming events and other programs. Please call on: +613 5427 4527 or email: dabruzzi@iwfci.org