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Rhonda Holmes

rhonda@raholmescorporation.com.au | www.raholmescorporation.com.au

Rhonda has a business background as a Director of a leading product supply and manufacturing business – spending over 20 years as a Director of a company supplying specialised components to the mining and manufacturing sectors and more recently as a joint Managing Director of a national plastics packaging manufacturing company.

Faye Rouses

Faye Rouse

faye@ibservices.com.au | www.ibservices.com.au

Since returning to the workforce after all my children were at school, my business background has covered a wide range of industries prior to establishing my own business ,including in government, the University sector, property development and accounting. I have a passion for travel and have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to live in other countries and travel extensively both internationally and within Australia.

The IWFCI has been & continues to be of significant assistance to me providing exposure to further training including on cultural and emerging issues, business leaders as well as participating in international delegations to a number of overseas countries. These have been invaluable in gaining a first-hand understanding of the participation by women in business in a number of countries.