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Kyoto Garden Condominium, Bukit Antarabangsa
Block A, Unit A9-07
Ampang, Selangor

Phone: 60192682645


Mutiara Emran Iskandar Pino

The Speak Collective

I am currently the co-founder of The Speak Collective. My journey into skincare was not by chance. I was on a long quest to find the perfect skincare product to suit my ever-changing, hormonal skin. Looking for something suitable yet safe was tedious until I tried one of Nisa™s concoctions. I knew I had found a gem and that it had to be shared with the world.
My words to live by:
“Dreams are important, the fuel of life. I’ve realized it’s ok to be a dreamer – the world needs more of it.”

About us

The Speak Collective solves the frustration of looking for effective products for sensitive skin using plant-based skin essentials to unleash your confidence.