The Ancestral Ring of Hope


The Ancestral Ring of Hope

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Thursday 11th May  6-9pm

IWFCI (International Women's Federation of Commerce and Industry) are delighted to feature a cultural experience event, partnering with EWIB (European Women in Business) Featuring a triple treat with three fabulous guest presenters, author Suzi O'Connor,  Rita Vago, Trade Commissioner and Mihaly Geiger Head of the Hungarian Consular Office who will provide an overview about the Hungarian Diaspora.

Have you ever wondered about your ancestral heritage? This is a story of how one book The Ancestral Ring of Hope - A high price for freedom in war torn Hungary (Inspired by true events) uncovered a story that needed to be told and could inspire you. to uncover your family heritage.

Special guest presenter Suzi O'Connor will take us on her family journey of the challenges, despair, resilience and assimilating to a new culture.  This story inspired her to write a self funded and self published acclaimed novel, currently being devised as an opera with music written by Dr. John Peterson. Also featuring Hungarian Trade Commissioner Rita Vago, providing a presentation on the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Australia and what the future relations may entail for business, trade and travel.

Located in the opulent surroundings of The Masque, you will feel like you have been transported back to Budapest, Europe!

Strictly limited numbers 


Suzi O'Connor

Guest Presenter and Author

Picture and think of The Sound of Music - a familar and captivating story - Suzi O'Connor's quest to tell the story of her family origins from war torn oppression and despair in Hungary, to starting a new life thousands of miles away in Australia (despite her parents speaking 10 languages and English not one of them).

István was a young man when the Iron Curtain blanketed Eastern Europe after the Second World War, vandalising the fabric of Hungarian society. Tortured for criticising the tyranny suffered under Communism, he conspires with like-minded rebels to retaliate and regain their liberty. But the Soviet masters are uncompromising. During twelve days in late 1956, the full might of Russia is unleashed, crushing the revolution. István’s fate is sealed. Fleeing reprisal and certain death is vital for he and his beautiful and beloved wife Natália. The Captain of Gyor Police Headquarters, Viktor Molnár, has other plans, thwarting and executing fugitives. Obsessed with Natália—his new elusive prize—Viktor stops at nothing to attain her.

The Ancestral Ring of Hope is a compelling story of love, grief, courage, and a resolute quest for freedom. Parallels between this novel and the horror unfolding in Ukraine at the hands of Russia’s dictator proves history does repeat. It’s a timely reminder of the fragility of peace and democracy and how easily they can be shattered by tyrants seeking power.


  • Enjoy the flavours of Hungarian and European wines and desserts

  • Hungarian dignitaries and Trade Commissioner Rita Vago will provide future relations and a history of the formation and ties  50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Australia

  • Special guest  author presenter Suzi O'Connor will take us on her family journey of the challenges, despair, resilience and assimilating to a new culture.

  • Bubbles, Wines and delectable canapes selections

  • Opulent surroundings


This exclusive event will bring together valuable business connections who share your philosophy of substance, style, up-skilling and credible women who support each other!

Dress Attire:   Business or cocktail

Location:   THE MASQUE  (upstairs)


IWFCI Members - $95
Non-members - $110 (Includes GST)