About us

What is IWFCI?


IWFCI is a non-profit, non-government, member based organization; founded in 1992 by Diana Abruzzi in Melbourne, Australia. It was established with the purpose of supporting women entering business and developing trade across the globe.

Today, IWFCI remains first and foremost an empowering opportunity for women to meet and engage with like-minded entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in a supportive network.


That all women, despite location and situation can live, work and have a better life, in dignity and higher self-esteem; Having equal opportunity for economic freedom and wellbeing for them, their families, dependents and community.


To support the development of women in business, despite origin, religion or culture; Through education, encouragement and representation, in a conducive environment; To enable self-confidence, economic opportunities, advancement and security.


  • Establish IWFCI Licensed National branches throughout the world
  • Gain IWFCI recognition and access to International Agencies representing Women
  • Provide a range of products and services to assist women in business
  • Represent women with an entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed in business
  • Develop environment enabling women to make their mark and contribute to society
  • Lobby governments and institutions on issues relevance to women in business and  trade


IWFCI is the world’s first International Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Australia’s first dedicated Chamber of Commerce for women. 

It was formed to meet the emerging needs of women in business in recognition of their increasing contribution to the world of commerce, the community and government.  

IWFCI’s Melbourne office is the headquarters and global secretariat for the national and international operations. 

IWFCI have recognized that there is a need to provide a new and stronger infrastructure and support for women today. This realization is based on the rapid changes in the fabric of our society from accelerated social, technological and economic changes affecting women.  

IWFCI has developed its charter to focus specifically on business needs for women through the provision of appropriate products and services with a focus on: training, mentoring, networking and fostering new business opportunities through global summits and trade delegations. 

IWFCI is in the business of developing and promoting women in business and trade cementing their role as decision-makers, furthering international cooperation and shaping national economies.  


As a non-profit non-government organization, IWFCI exists for the benefit of its members and supporters. 

IWFCI helps women in business to gain knowledge to grow their business, to identify the gaps between their current positions and where they want to be, and how to achieve their export trade potential.   

IWFCI’s corporate vision and social mandate is to focus on the related economic development of woman, through the provision of appropriate business support services and training; facilitating business opportunities and providing advocacy and advisory services where gaps are identified.  IWFCI will develop joint ventures with service providers who are specialist in their areas. 

IWFCI focuses on identifying, promoting and assisting members prepare for trade opportunities through our international chapter network. 

IWFCI Founder Interview

"The International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry is a non-profit, non-government organization. When I started it in 1992, in Melbourne Australia, I did not know at the time, but it was the first global chamber of commerce for women in the world. I formed it because of my own personal experiences as a women having to enter the work force to raise my family and find economic security. It was not long after I saw the fast emerging needs of women in business, and their thirst for support and understanding. Today women are now an integral part of the life and vitality of any national economy and the driving force behind the new world economy"

Diana R Abruzzi

Founder / International Chairman